Saturday, February 28, 2009

Robert M Clark

For information on the passing of our dear Robert, please follow this link to a blog dedicated to him.


Jut and Char said...

Sue, I just wanted to let you and your girls know that you are in our prayers and that we are so sorry for your loss. I have truly enjoyed getting to connect with you and your family through your blog. I have been inspired by how close you all are and I hope and pray that I can help my girls develop loving relationships like you and Robert were able to help your girls develop. Thank you for your example and I know it's not much but we are thinking of you and your girls, and keeping you in our prayers.
Love Charlotte

Gloribeejo said...

Dear Sue and family....Monty Sr & I want you to know how much we appreciated all the many years of good friendship you and Robert gave our Johnson Family. Just meeting you two at Walmart then again same that day in Costco was special, thank for being our friends too! May you find peace and JOY in raising your lovely daughters for Robert ....Happy Memories are the Best. Love, Monty & Gloria

spence said...

Hey sue and family just want to make some comments. Please don't pay attention to my English skills and spelling. I had some great memories of Robert and am very thankful that I got to know him and your family. Since moving to Soda in 1991 I was always hearing stories of this guy named Robert from Scott Gambles Scott told hundreds of story and most of them included Robert. He sounded like a guy I would love to hang out with in High school. I don’t remember the exact day I met Robert and Sue but I think it was the Soda Springs and Pebble Creek hill Climbs. Robert loved the hill climbers and loved to watch the guys do things that seemed impossible to most. Robert and I were put in charge of the hill help for the Pebble creek climb. I think that is all Ron Myers trusted us with. Of coarse radios had to be used to communicate and I remember several times when Robert would take advantage of the radio and make some wise cracks of which the big boys from RMSHA didn’t think it was so funny buy that’s okay the Soda boys got a good laugh out of it at Roberts expense.

As our girls became more and more involved in track and cross-country we continued to get to know the Clarks. Some of my favorite memories have to be the Ragner Relay. Robert loved this race and loved to be part of it. He made it fun for all. At night the runners could have a bike rider ride along side of them for support. Of coarse Robert was not going to miss that opportunity to ride along side his daughters. The first year we did it I remember pulling over along side the road to get dressed for the ride. Robert wanted to put some biking shorts on to give him a little padding for the ride. As we pulled over there was a truck parked on the side of the road. Robert asked if there was anybody in that truck I looked at the tinted windows and it did not appear to me that it was occupied but then again I did not look real hard. Robert decided to change his cloths in the back of the truck performing the full Monte. Well needless to say when Robert completed his strip tease (changing of his cloths) a lady in the truck got out gave him disgusting look and drove off. Once again thanks Robert for making us laugh. That was just one of many times that Robert kept us laughing. The support truck was the place to be. We didn’t sleep much and our nutritional diets went out the window but we did laugh and I don’t think Horsley’s truck will ever have that new truck smell again. I thank God each night that I have got to know the Clarks. A lot of things won’t be the same but I do know this that my life has been changed by the Clarks and I will always cherish those memories with Robert and his family. May god poor out his comfort on your family.

Love ya